about me

I’m 25 years old and I love to learn, read, ride my bike, surf, and, of course, cook and bake. You might think it’s odd that the URL to my blog is dessertcomesfirst, but I swear there’s a reason for that, well there used to be anyway. I used to swear by baking. I used to think bakers were so much cooler than cooks because they worked with chocolate! Also, I used to never really have to worry about making dinner because we used to live in Hoboken, NJ where there was a plethora of food options that we were able to walk to, so we ate dinner out a lot and had the dessert that I made. Well, we recently moved to Rockaway, NY, where there aren’t places to easily walk to to eat out, so I took up cooking and I’m actually good at it! I discovered a real passion for fresh, healthy ingredients, some of which come from my patio container garden. Now I cook dinner at home almost every night and I love to share what I’ve made with you. Regardless of this switch, I still think dessert should always come before dinner:)

Become my email buddy at: kimberlymasiello at gmail dot com


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